How it Works?

Saturday, December 2nd 2017

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BookCode is a platform to produce accessible formats of your instructional materials and published titles. It does it in a hybrid human and automated workflow.

#Human Conversion

  • Source files (PDF) of your printed instructional materials are processed to extract its content
  • The content so extracted is curated for further processing by the BookCode
  • Image descriptors are manually authored to explain about an image to a visually disabled student
  • Mathematical expressions, equations and Scientific notations are converted to MathML
  • Spoken Maths decsriptors are generated to express a mathematical expression in speech

#Automatic Conversion

  • The curated content is uploaded to a powerful processor to automatically convert it to a future-proof interim format, called DocBook XML
  • The structured content in the DocBook XML format is then processed by the BookCode automatic conversion engine to produce multiple format outputs:

#Quality Control

  • The output format(s) undergoes a stringent Quality Assurance process
  • NIMAS Fileset is validated using the NIMAC Validation Tool
  • Output formats are viewed/ played using accessible player software and tools

#Delivery to NIMAC and Warranty

  • NIMAS fileset so produced and tested for best quality is uploaded to the NIMAC portal
  • BookCode warranties any technical errors till your digital instructional materials are duly certified

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Published on Saturday, December 2nd 2017 (10 months ago).