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Sunday, September 30th 2018



Features that will make you fall in love with BookCode:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Robust Quality Assurance
  • Comprehensive NIMAS Conversion Service
  • MathML
  • Exemplary Warranty and Support

#Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on our service quality.

#Quality Assurance and Validation

We have a robust system of NIMAS processing and quality assurance, revision management, automated quality validation process. The NIMAS files are finally validated against the NIMAC validator.

#Comprehensive Scope

We assure you to take care of every process from conversion of your print files to NIMAS format, quality assurance, validation, preparing title metadata, uploading to the NIMAC portal, revision management till your title has been certified by NIMAC.


MathML in NIMAS is an application of the MathML in DAISY modular extension. We offer quality MathML conversion as a part of NIMAS conversion service.

#Exemplary Warranty and Support

We warranty any revisions required for the NIMAC certification. BookCode offers you an exemplary support.

#Powerful Technology Alliance

BookCode is an affiliate strategic business unit of the legendary Digital Media Initiatives | DMI Systems. It leverages its time-tested technology platform for the production of NIMAS XML files. Please visit DMI Systems website listed below.

Digital Media Initiatives | DMI Systems


#Conversion of PDF to NIMAS-Conformant Content (XML)

  • Tagged PDF
  • Untagged PDF
  • Text-based PDF
  • Scanned/ Image-based PDF

#Conversion of Other File Types to NIMAS-Conformant Content (XML)

  • Framemaker
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • OpenOffice Writer
  • Hard Copy (Print)
  • EPUB

#Conversion of NIMAS-Conformant Source Files to Large Print

  • Addition of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to XML content that validates to the NIMAS Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • Preparation of Hard copy (print) books

#Conversion of NIMAS-Conformant Source Files to High-Quality Braille

  • We provide automated workflows to convert NIMAS XML to Braille-ready format

#Conversion of NIMAS-Conformant Source Files to Rich Text-Based Content

  • EPUB 3
  • Kindle
  • Interactive EPUB
  • Interactive Quizzes embedded in EPUB
  • IMS-compliant Common Cartridge Learning Objects
  • IMS-compliant QTI based Questions and Tests
  • Aligning Academic Content to the Core Standards/ State Standards
  • Developing Competency Based Content for any academic level

#Conversion of NIMAS-Conformant Source Files to Text-to-Speech-Based Content

  • DAISY 2.02 content
  • Z39.86-2002 content
  • Z39.86-2005 content
  • ePUB2 content
  • ePUB3 content
  • iBook content
  • MathML2 content
  • MathML3 content
  • A basic playlist divided into chapters
  • Other: DTB – DAISY Digital Talking Book

#What level(s) of navigation are possible?

  • Chapter
  • Sub-section
  • Page
  • Paragraph – Normally, we do not markup at the paragraph level. DTB Player automatically reads NIMAS files paragraph-wise/ sentence-wise.

#Distribution Mechanism

  • Password-protected web site
  • FTP or another similar protocol
  • Other: Normally, we upload directly to NIMAC Portal based on the access provided to us by a publisher. We undertake any modifications required in the submitted files till a certification has been awarded by NIMAC.

#NIMAS Fileset Production Process:

  1. Source files are delivered to us through an FTP/ Hightail online;
  2. Our production Team reviews and revert if any further details are required;
  3. Print ISBN is used for the NIMAS Filesets while submitting to the NIMAC;
  4. In case if the publication has an ISSN, unique ISBNs are requested to the publisher;
  5. NIMAS Filesets are validated using the NIMAC Validation Wizard;
  6. NIMAS Filsets are uploaded to the NIMAC portal;
  7. Follow-up at the NIMAC Portal for status, and in case any gaps are discovered, we update and upload the fresh fileset to the NIMAC portal.
  8. NIMAC approves and certifies the title.

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